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Tucson Community School Lifestyle Photography

Hello TCS Parent,

Photo day is Monday, October 12th for individual lifestyle portraits for TCS children and siblings that choose to participate. Sign up is available in the front office.  The cost is $50 for the first child and $30 for additional children, this includes the sitting fee.  Online files will be available at no additional cost by me, though the site will ask for a $.99 processing fee to get the files onto your computer.  If you wish to print the photographs, there is an option on the file sharing site that allows you to order very reasonably priced prints.  Again these are not marked up.  If you choose to go local, I recommend printing at Jones Photo, they do very good work and their prints are fairly priced.

I am very excited to be photographing your child or children.  Here are a few tips to prepare your kids for photo day and help the photo shoot go as smoothly as possible.

1) If your child still naps, schedule the photo session around their nap so they are feeling good when they get here.

2) Let your child know the day before the photo shoot that they will be getting school pictures taken the next day.

3) Feel free to bring items your child is attached to such as a special teddy bear a book or toy plane that he or she loves to include in the photo or to help cheer him or her up.

4) If your child seems nervous, arrive a little early so he or she can see another child being photographed.

5) Be prepared to stand behind me as I photograph to play peek-a-boo or to put on a little puppet show while I photograph your child.  Some children respond well to some surprise tickles from their parents to loosen them up.

6) Though I am not a big fan of bribing children, I find that it helps to have a little something to give them to encourage them to sit still for just a few more minutes.  Feel free to bring a treat they may have after the photo shoot.


In general, I ask parents to stay away from clothing with with cartoons or characters.  Solid colors, plaid, patterns, dots, flowers all work well.  Jeans and button ups or leggings with dress are good options.  Make sure your child’s face and teeth are very clean and hair is pulled away from their eyes.

I look forward to seeing you on photo day!


Xochitl Coronado-Vargas (Mother to Emiliano Vargas from Kindergarten)