My name is Xochitl pronounced ‘so-chill’, nahuatl for flower.  I am a Tucson-based freelance photographer specializing in photographing babies, children, mothers-to-be, families, couples, teens and occasionally, weddings.  I am a mother, I love spending time outdoors; gardening, hiking or cycling.  I’m a good listener, and a good cook which makes food and conversation a favorite pastime.

I am constantly fascinated by people’s stories, ideas, abilities and passions. I say this, because when photographing people, it’s what I seek to capture and celebrate in each image. I’ve been doing photography since I was in high school, inspired by my hippie father who totted around a camera, snapping away on all of our family adventures. I minored in photography in college and have continued to find joy in freezing these special moments in time since then.Photographs tell our stories. I love sitting around with my friends and family looking at old and not so old pictures and remembering all of those fleeting moments that tell so many stories.Let me photograph you, your family, your fleeting moments, your special day, so that you can celebrate them with your loved ones and remember them forever.

(520) 270-6489

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